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Badger Bikes Hit The Streets

“If anyone has been keeping track of the cost of Fat bikes, you’ll see that it’s hard to find a sub $1500 complete, let alone a sub $1000 one! There are some newer brands hitting the market that are starting to push the prices down with some cheaper builds and non name branded parts. So far most of them have had pretty good reviews from customers. The thing that drew me to the Badger Bikes over some of the competitors is they are being assembled and sold via a local bike shop. Companies such as Bikes Direct or Framed are selling most of their stock direct to consumers via online sales. This can be a little sketchy with folks assembling their own bikes or when warranty issues crop up.”
                         - Cassandra Habel. Madison, WI.


“Road biker, yep, that’s me. I own 4 road bikes, but I usually ride one to work in the summer, and one in the winter.  When I heard Wheel & Sprocket was going to be building the Fattywompus Fat Bike, I signed up to be one of the first ones to buy. I saw it as a great option to get off the road but also explore the snow and sand. When I found out that I could get my hands on a Fattywompus 1 for $999 I was stoked. Now, I  occasionally commute to work on it, I ride it in the snow, on single track trails, and on the beach. I absolutely love it! It rides equally as well on pavement as it does in snow and mud. Best of all, I like the fact that it’s made by a local bike shop where I have bought all my other bikes. The thing I love the most, though, is how people roll up next to you in a car and ask "is that hard to get moving?” I just smile and say “Nope, not at all!”

                         - Barry Mainwood. Milwaukee, WI


“It’s Winter in Wisconsin and man it gets cold here in Oshkosh. Even for a guy that puts on 9,000 miles a year on my road bike, I feared riding even 20 miles when the  mercury started to drop. Over the years I have tried to brave the cold but I never seemed to be able to stay warm enough on a long ride. Its a problem becuase I was missing out on critical training months for racing, but I wasn’t into riding inside. This year, I finally broke down and bought a Fat Bike. Riding my Fatty [FattyWompus Two] for just a couple hours really does the trick. I can hit icy sidewalks, frozen lakes, snowy cornfields, slushy gravel trails or just hit the salty road back to my house.  At 5 psi, I have to work my butt off, and I may only end up going about 10 miles, but I can still get a great workout! It’s such a solid investment for my training.”
                       - Robert Sollenskog.  Oshkosh, WI


"I have grown to love riding my bike 13 miles to and from work during the spring, summer and fall. What I didn't particularly care for was the 3 weeks it took to get "reacquainted" with the saddle every spring. With a fat bike, I now get a great workout riding in the snow and the exercise helps keep me accustomed to the saddle all year round. I actually bought a Mukluk when I first got into fat biking, but after the Badgers came out, i was really impressed with the handling and feel of the Fattywompus. A few weeks later I traded my Mukluk in for a Fatty one. I've never looked back and the best part is that I saved a boat load of cash."
                       - Bill Ferron. Brookfield, WI.



"As a competitive mountain biker looking for a way to maintain fitness though the long winter months of the Midwest, I made my first serious foray into riding in the snow by renting a Badger Cycle Works Fattywompus. The bike features 5" tires and while riding with my friends with 4" tires it became apparent that the extra inch provided more float. Ultimately it made for a more enjoyable riding experience.  Another thing I learned on that ride is that riding outside beats the pants off riding an indoor trainer.  In past off-seasons, the will to endure the boredom of the stationary trainer was hard to find.  By contrast, going outside and riding over everything on a fat bike is a smile inducing hoot.  The Fattywompus is an absolute boredom crusher and I’ve since found numerous other justifications for owning a fat bike including its ability to carry cargo.
                        - Marty Tank. Oconomowoc, WI.